About Us

My name is Doug Chaney. I've been in the mail-order fulfillment business on and off since the mid 1980s. I started out selling antique auto parts by mail. Later I formed ChainMan Books, which I operated for 5 years. When I closed ChainMan Books in late 2009 I had sold several thousands of books. On January 2010 my wife and I started touring the US in our RV. In March 2014 I resurrected ChainMan Books as ChainMan Books and Music, with an emphasis on locally produced CDs.

One thing I pride myself on is making and keeping happy customers. I only sell what I have on hand or have immediate access to. And I ship as soon as payment is made. I sell the items I list here on eBay.com as well. ChainMan Books and Music has a very high rating, with over 1800 positive feedback on eBay alone.